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At the top of a channel there are usually 2 inputs, mic and line, mics plug into mic input (XLR) and line into TRS (Jack) sockets. Then we have a gain knob, this increases the signal gain into the channel. After the gain section it is common to find an equalizer, this can adjust the tone of the signal coming into the mixer, it may be anywhere from 2 to 4 bands typically. Mastering is an expensive process, involving complex programs and years of learning. That is the where the real skill comes in. It is also why most of the mastering for all music albums is handled by a relatively small community of professionals. Another misconception is that’s its part of the studio process, in reality the music is sent out to be mastered, after its been finished.
Recording in home recording studios has become a very popular choice among struggling musician nowadays, probably because of the cheaper costs it represents, as well as the extra personal touch a home recording studio brings. A studio which you built from your own sweat will make the experience much more special, which will probably make your recordings more emotions. On top of this, home studios nowadays are not shabby when it comes to technical specifications.

Audio Engineer Colleges

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